Terms and conditions

Guidelines for hall bookings and usage

1. Reservations
1.1 Bookings may be made by contacting the office by email to office@ellerslieanglican.org.nz
1.2 Facilities may not be used unless a ‘Hall Hire Agreement’ is
signed and the bond paid.
1.3 In the event that the Parish requires to use the Hall and
associated facilities – eg, for a funeral – the Parish requirement
will take priority. However, as much notice as possible will be

2. Conditions
2.1 A key may be provided to enable access. Otherwise the building
will be opened and closed by the Hall Hire Coordinator. If a key
is provided no duplicate keys are to be cut. The Hirer may not
reassign the use of the building to another party.
2.2 The Hirer is responsible to ensure that the building is secure,
heaters/lights etc are turned off and the facility left clean and
tidy. Failure to fulfill these obligations may result in costs being
deducted from the bond.
2.3 The Hirer may not move, adjust or use any equipment without
prior arrangement being made. Similarly the Hirer may not
store or leave materials and/or equipment in the building
unless a prior arrangement is made. No material or fittings may
be secured to any wall, door or window.
2.4 The premises (indoors and outdoors) is a non smoking area and
the consumption of alcohol is to be limited as agreed when the
booking is made.
2.5 All care and attention is taken to ensure the building is safe
and in good repair. Any damage caused must be reported
immediately. The cost of repair will be taken from the bond
and if insufficient the Hirer will be invoiced for the cost of the
2.6 The Hirer will be responsible to ensure compliance with
Government and Local Statutes, Regulations and Bylaws. This
includes the Hirer’s obligation in relation to Occupational
Health and Safety Regulations. Therefore the Hirer must
report and record any accident in the Accident Register and
also be responsible to ensure members of the Hirer’s group
are aware of any hazards and fire evacuation procedures.
2.7 No Hire Agreement will extend beyond 11.30pm. This means
that the dispersal of users and all hirers obligations will be
completed no later than 11.30pm.
2.8 The Hall Hire Coordinator may terminate the Hire Agreement
at any time if the terms of the Hire Agreement have not or are
not being met.

3. Rates
3.1 The basic $30 rate will be abated for regular users by 15%
(ie, bookings for two or more sessions) and for charitable or
community group users by 15%. The Hall Hire Coordinator,
based on information provided, will advise the rate
appropriate to your group or needs.
3.2 The bond is fixed at $300 for regular users, which includes a
refundable key bond of $150 for one key. For each extra key
an additional $150 per key will be added to the bond. The key
bond will not be refunded unless the keys are returned. The
key bond may also be used to offset any costs incurred by the
3.3 The bond may be abated for community and charitable
group users.
3.4 Where a monthly rate applies payment is to be made to the
Church Office by the 16th day of the month.